Our network in India spans across three main offices- Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru. We serve some of the top-notch corporates that are leading the India growth story. We are working closely with many leading companies, brands and organization to unlock the potential of ideas designed to travel across today’s most influential channels.

Our Leadership

Executive Message

Our offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi are made up of media relations experts, accomplished programme directors, multisector experts and experienced PR practitioners who have worked in the Indian market for decades. Since opening our first office in 2007, we continue to offer strategic communications counsel to globally focused companies based in India or doing business here. We help top business leaders figure out their company’s story and then communicate it credibly and compellingly with only one aim: to spur diverse audiences to action.

For Indian multinationals seeking to increase their communications impact abroad, our strategic counsel helps you “speak the local language” in the foreign markets that you enter. And for clients with inbound communications needs, we help you communicate credibly to key audiences in India.