World Heart Day 2011

Fleishman-Hillard is working with leading cardiologists across 20 cities in India to spread heart health awareness for World Heart Day on September 29, 2011. This year the theme is One World, One Home, and One Heart. In India, heart disease is the single largest cause of death in the country with heart attacks being responsible for one third of all deaths caused by heart diseases. It is estimated that by 2020, India will have the largest CV burden globally and account for 1/3rd of all global deaths. About 35 to 50 per cent of cases of heart disease in India affect people below the age of 50.

In the West, the average age is 55! Coronary artery disease generally affects Indians a decade earlier compared to the Western population. Also, the disease in Indians is more severe compared to those in the West, probably due to genetic predisposition. This genetic tendency is made worse with the increasingly deteriorating lifestyle of urban young adults. Some estimates indicate that heart disease is the single largest killer surpassing diabetes, tuberculosis and cancer in a city like Delhi.

Over 70 per cent of all cardiac emergencies occur at home when a family member is present and available to help a victim. The household is the hub for family activities, and as a focal point in everyone’s life, is the perfect place to start taking action to improve heart health. Picking from the theme for World Heart Day this time, there is a need to spread awareness around the same world across, in each household.

Risk factors for heart disease and stroke include raised blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, smoking, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, obesity and physical inactivity.

By adopting a few household behaviors, people in India can live longer and better lives through the prevention and control of heart disease and stroke. Some steps should be followed to lead a healthy life such as healthy eating for example – eat  five portions of fruit and vegetables, avoid saturated fats and processed foods, sensible intake of alcohol, avoiding tobacco, exercise for 30 minutes a day and avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

On World Heart Day, do something for your heart and reduce your chances of life threatening stroke and heart disease.